Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aloha Kakou to the Hale!

Aloha everyone!

I've decided to start a blog!

PangintheHale is essentially an extension of my @IntheHale Twitter account and will expand on the themes and goals I set there.

Upon returning to the City Hall beat about 14 months ago, I started @IntheHale as a new tool with which to engage followers of city hall news to accompany stories I wrote for the newspaper.

Like my Twitter account, PangintheHale will stay focused almost exclusively on the subject of letting the audience know the happenings at Honolulu Hale (aka City Hall).

The nearly 600 followers of the account know that during Council meetings and other serious proceedings at City Hall, their Twitter accounts are going to get blasted with updates about what's going on.

It's not for everyone, and while having lots of followers would be sweet, that's secondary to ensuring those who seriously want a steady appetite of City Hall news get it.

It's what I do. If you want to know what's happening with my personal life, friend me on my Facebook account.

Since I am currently not working for an organized news organization, I can now refer to stories by all media outlets on the island. I'm not going to try to take ownership for everything that shows up here and on Twitter. We'll cite (and credit) the new Star-Advertiser, the old Advertiser, the old Star-Bulletin, Pacific Business News, the TV stations and other sources, including what's put out by people in the form of press releases.

What's more, as a columnist/blogger now more than a reporter, I can inject a little bit of insight while trying to maintain some level of objectivity. That's a new endeavor for me and I admit it'll be somewhat of a trial-and-error situation.

But other folks I've followed and respected through the years, among them Richard Borreca and Jerry Burris, have managed to provide analytical columns while maintaining a level of objectivity.

Further, being fair and objective has been the hallmark over my 23 years of reporting. I've staked my reputation on it.

Having a column/blog also allows for more interaction with readers. I've always had good feedback via phone calls and emails and expect to continue that dialogue both here and on Twitter.

I owe much to my editors and colleagues at all the publications where I've worked. And I'm very grateful that the owners of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser have chosen to keep open the online archives of both the Star-Bulletin and Advertiser which provides much-needed reference for everyone in our community.

Over the past 16 years, I've had the good fortune and honor to work for Honolulu's two dailies. Many of those people -- mentors, colleagues and friends -- are coming together this week to form the Star-Advertiser. I wish them nothing but the best on their new endeavor.

But after a career in which more than a majority of my time has been spent covering city and county governments, I still have a little bit to contribute to the discussion.

So I'll continue on for now, at least until I figure where my career path will take me next.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Glad to find one more sane voice out there. I'll be a daily reader!

  2. Keep plugging away, Gordon. City Hall was my beat at the Advertiser and KGMB-TV in the '70s. Hope you'll keep an eye on my rail blog (I'm a consultant to PB on the project) at Yes2Rail.blogspot.com


  3. Hi Gordon! I always liked your @IntheHale tweets and I'm looking forward to reading this blog.

    Zee and I are blogging after The Advertiser as well: www.thea-zfiles.com

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere.

    Good for you, and good for my Oahu neighbors! I've linked you to http://www.allhawaiinews.com.


  5. Looking forward to the posts, Gordon! - Keith Kamisugi

  6. Great idea Gordon. I'm looking forward to your insights.

  7. Look forward to reading Pang Unplugged. Don't forget about posting photos and videos when appropriate.

  8. We've missed inthehale. Got get 'em Gordon.

  9. Rock it, Gordon!! You're in my feed, I'm looking eagerly ahead to your posts in this election year.

  10. Cool beans, Gordon! But how you gonna pay the bills if you're sitting in Honolulu Hale during (paid) "working" hours?

  11. Great to be able to continue to hear your insight!

  12. Glad to see another island blog pop up!